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Fallen Angels

Dore: Michael Casts All of the Fallen Angels out of Heaven
Those cast out of heaven into the earth because they betrayed God’s people and challenged not only the Son of God, the Universal Christ, but also the Woman and her seed. They were cast out of heaven by Archangel Michael and his hosts and were given an allotted span to embody in the physical universe and repent of their rebellion against God.


an authoritative decree, sanction, order; a pronouncement; a short dynamic invocation or decree usually using the name of God, I AM, as the first word of the fiat, e.g., I AM the Way! I AM the Truth! I AM the Resurrection and the Life!

Fiats are always exclamations of Christ-power, Christ-wisdom, and Christ-love consciously affirmed and accepted in the here and now.

Fourth Ray

It is the ascension flame, the white light of the Mother. It’s the ray of purity and its color is pure white. It is associated with the spiritual center or chakra which is called the base-of-the-spine chakra, located at the lowest point of your spine. The ascension flame is also known as the Mother Flame.