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The island continent that existed where the Atlantic Ocean now is and that sank in cataclysm (The Flood of Noah) approximately 11,600 years ago as calculated by James Churchward. Vividly depicted by Plato; "seen" and described by Edgar Cayce in his readings; recalled in scenes from Taylor Caldwell’s Romance of Atlantis. It is postulated that Atlantis and the small islands to its east and west formed a continuous bridge of land from America to Europe and Africa.



(Sanskrit, 'a being of bodhi or enlightenment.') A being destined for enlightenment, or one whose energy and power is directed toward enlightenment. A Bodhisattva is destined to become a Buddha but has forgone the bliss of nirvana with a vow to save all children of God on earth. An Ascended Master or an unascended master may be a Bodhisattva.


Gautama Buddha
(From Sanskrit budh 'awake, know, perceive.') "The enlightened one." Buddha denotes an office in the spiritual hierarchy of worlds that is attained by passing certain initiations of the sacred fire, including those of the seven rays of the Holy Spirit and of the five secret rays, the raising of the feminine ray (sacred fire of the Kundalini) and the "mastery of the seven in the seven multiplied by the power of the ten."


Carnal Mind

The human ego, human intellect, and human will; the animal nature of man and woman.

Causal Body

Causal Body
Interpenetrating color spheres of light surrounding each one’s I AM Presence at spiritual levels. The spheres of the causal body contain the records of the virtuous acts we have performed to the glory of God and the blessing of man through our many incarnations on earth.


Chakra Man
(Sanskrit, `wheel, disc, circle.’) Center of light anchored in the etheric body and governing the flow of energy to the four lower bodies of man. There are seven major chakras corresponding to the seven rays, five minor chakras corresponding to the five secret rays, and a total of 144 light centers in the body of man.

Chamuel and Charity

Archangels of the third Ray. Archangel Chamuel, whose name means “he who seeks God,” and his divine complement, Archeia Charity, serve on the third ray of divine love and maintain an etheric retreat over St. Louis, Missouri—The Temple of the Crystal-Pink Flame.


(Hindi, cela from Sanskrit ceta ‘slave,’ i.e., ‘servant.’) In India, a disciple of a religious teacher or guru. A term used generally to refer to a student of the ascended masters and their teachings. Specifically, a student of more than ordinary self-discipline and devotion initiated by an ascended master and serving the cause of the Great White Brotherhood.


Tibetan for "lord" or "master"; a chief. Each of the seven rays has a chohan who focuses the Christ consciousness of the ray.

Christ Consciousness

The consciousness or awareness of the self in and as the Christ; the attainment of a level of consciousness commensurate with that which was realized by Jesus the Christ; the attainment of the balanced action of power, wisdom and love—of Father, Son and Holy Spirit—and the purity of the Mother through the balanced threefold flame within the heart.

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