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Godfre Ray King

Godfre Ray King
The pen name for Guy W. Ballard who was the messenger of Saint Germain. Guy Ballard made his ascension in 1939 and is now known as the Ascended Master Godfre.

Great White Brotherhood

A spiritual order of Western saints and eastern adepts who have reunited with the Spirit of the living God and who comprise the heavenly hosts. They have transcended the cycles of karma and rebirth and ascended (accelerated) into that higher reality which is the eternal abode of the soul. The word “white” refers not to race but to the aura (halo) of white light surrounding their forms. The Brotherhood also includes in its ranks certain unascended chelas of the Ascended Masters. Jesus Christ revealed this heavenly order of saints "robed in white" to his servant John in Revelation.


(Sanskrit). A personal religious teacher and spiritual guide; one of high attainment. A guru may be unascended or ascended.