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Course: META 0501 – Spiritual Healing through the Emerald Matrix FREE UNIT (META 0501 FREE UNIT)
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Violet flame

Violet Flame
Seventh ray aspect of the Holy Spirit. It is the gift of the Holy Spirit known to mystics throughout the ages but introduced at large by Saint Germain early in the 20th century. A spiritual fire that can change inharmonious thought and feeling—stress, anger, depression—into a positive and centered disposition. When we give violet flame mantras they cleanse our system of emotional and physical poisons, transmute karma and erase the cause behind the effect of disease. The violet flame even clears the distressing records of past lives.


White-fire core

White-fire Core
The center of God's Being. The nucleus of life, the core of Being, in any kind of manifestation, from the highest planes of consciousness to the humblest atom. It is the fiery center of our I AM Presence as well as of the chakras and the rays. It is the Source, the point of our origination.