Topic outline

  • General

    Get ready to submit video assignments!

    You are taking this course because one of your SU Online courses either this or next semester will require you to submit video assignments.  All video assignments in SU Online courses will be submitted to instructors using Dropbox, an online file-sharing service. 

    Never heard of Dropbox?  Learn more here:

  • Watch How-To Videos

    First, watch the videos

    The how-to videos in this section will show you how to complete each step in preparation for uploading video assignments to your course.

  • Time to Practice

    Now it's your turn

    Now that you have learned how to submit video assignments, it’s time to practice.   Use the resources and activities below to prepare for submitting video assignments in your SU Online courses.   If you can complete the following three steps without much difficulty, then you will be ready to submit video assignments for your course using Dropbox.

  • Additional Practice from SU Tech Support

    Need more help?

    Note: To be eligible for this additional practice, you must have watched all five videos in this course and at least attempted the three steps listed in the practice area.  Students who do not read instructions and at least attempt the practice work in this course will not be given additional practice work from SU Tech Support.

    Some students who are brand new to Dropbox may still want some additional practice and the opportunity to work with a Share folder.  If you have watched the videos and completed Steps 1-3 in the practice area of this course, but still feel lost, please contact SU Tech Support anytime before Unit 2 of your course begins.  We can walk you through some additional practice items to help prepare you for submitting your video assignments in your SU Online courses.  Use the link below to go to the SU Tech Support website and fill out a support ticket.  Enter "Uploading Video Assignments Practice" in the subject line.

    Contact SU Tech Support: