Topic outline

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to Summit University's online Student Orientation. Watch the following five short videos (each under five minutes) to learn how to:

    1. Acquaint yourself with the SU Student Portal through Orbund.
    2. Update your profile, password and contact information in Orbund.
    3. Get started in your Moodle classes.
    4. Update your Moodle profile.
    5. Need help? Meet our student resources and where to go for help.

    The text of each video has been included below the video as a PDF file for your reference.  Click on any PDF file link to open the file in a new window or download it to your computer.  You are welcome to print it or follow along on your computer as you watch each video.  You may also want to use the texts as a guide later to complete certain tasks in Orbund or Moodle.

    Watch the first video to begin your orientation.